RENOVATING AN HISTORIC ISLAND HIDEAWAYThe House Doctor | Savannah Home Renovations
Charlie Angell specializes in major interior and exterior renovations to homes in Savannah’s landmark historic district and throughout the surrounding region. In over thirty years as Savannah’s House Doctor, Charlie has seen a great deal of Savannah’s hidden history. A dilapidated bootleggers’ retreat with a 150-acre island of its own gave him an opportunity to re-imagine one small piece of it.

Time to Call the House Doctor
There was a time when Savannah was busy with pirates and privateers and, for a time, bootleggers. The client purchased the island and the remains of this shack, intending to renovate the building to modern specifications. During excavations, he found the old still, and the assumption is that they raised sugar cane on the island, produced the moonshine there as well, and then made the short paddle to Bonaventure Cemetery to unload under cover of night. After 100-some-odd years, this bootleggers’ retreat required total interior and exterior renovation.

An Energy-Efficient Savannah Home Renovation
The bootleggers’ retreat features a wrap-around porch, a gabled roof and sleeping lofts and lots of light. The House Doctor restored these features, installing specialized windows and foam insulation to compensate for the fact that the property is exposed to the elements – sun, wind, and water. Today, the house is cool during the hot summer days and comfortable without air conditioning on even the hottest day. Improvements included a new roof, a modern kitchen, salvaged wood floors, and an incredible deck with panoramic views of the saltwater estuary. This is now the perfect island retreat for even the most citified tenant.

Charlie Angell and his team of expert craftsmen are uniquely able to restore historic properties for modern tastes. If you own a historic home in need of Savannah home renovations, please contact The House Doctor today.