Charlie Angell and The House Doctor - Savannah's commercial restoration experts.SUCCESS IS IN THE DETAILS
Charlie Angell is one of Savannah’s finest restoration contractors, specializing in the commercial restoration of notable exteriors throughout the Historic District. Back in 2005, The House Doctor undertook a complete restoration of the facade of Trinity Methodist Church. The project won an Award of Excellence from the Historic Savannah Foundation.

Time to Call the House Doctor
The founder of the Methodist movement, John Wesley himself, came to Savannah in 1736. By 1848, his congregation had laid the cornerstone of Trinity Church. The building was completed in 1850, its walls of Savannah Gray Brick, its framing, flooring, and wainscoting of hand-hewn Georgia pines. 155 years later, this well-built “House of God” was in dire need of restoration. Following years of discussion and comprehensive studies, Trinity Church hired The House Doctor to restore their beloved sanctuary.

For another 150 years…
The work began in the foundation, where The House Doctor’s masons filled cracks and oversaw stabilization of the structure. Charlie Angell and his team also repaired the roof systems, installing new flashings and gutter systems. The stucco had to be removed from the exterior walls in order to remove and replace damaged Savannah Gray brickwork underneath. With that complete, The House Doctor installed new exterior stucco systems, using specified products to effect a “true” restoration.

The secret to any restoration, and that includes large-scale commercial restoration, is in the details, and with the structure stabilized, Charlie Angell and his team turned to the carpentry and custom millwork required to restore the Church’s front doors, windows, and the original cypress columns and their Corinthian capitals. The work demanded new wiring for the lighting fixtures on the front portico and painting of the windows, doors, ironwork, and ceilings to complete the exterior to restoration standards.

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